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What kinds of sessions do you provide?

At Motion for Health, we are flexible and offer many session formats to meet your needs, including:

  • In-person sessions at our clinic following Covid guidelines

  • In-person sessions at your home or gym following Covid guidelines

  • Virtual sessions anywhere via Zoom (after an In-Person evaluation)

How long do sessions last?

Sessions are 50 minutes.

Do you offer home visits?

Yes! If getting out of your home is difficult, we can set up an initial plan that includes home visits. This can include a home assessment with recommendations for accommodations to improve safety and independence if needed. Working together at the client’s home for a period of time and progressing to office visits as function is restored can be a great starting point.

Do you offer virtual/Zoom visits?

Yes.  Please contact Linda by telephone to discuss this option.

Do you offer couples or group sessions?

All Physical Therapy sessions are individual, one-on-one sessions. You get the benefit of Linda’s undivided attention and expertise.

Personal training sessions are limited to two clients simultaneously. This 1:2 ratio allows Linda to best utilize her skills in adjusting postures and modifying exercise to meet individual needs. Each client must first have an individual fitness evaluation.

Outdoor group fitness sessions can be made available by special request at this time.

What’s the difference between physical therapy and personal training?

Physical therapy is targeted toward a specific medical diagnosis or toward the loss of function that has occurred due to the diagnosis and/or functional limitation present. Personal training addresses overall stability, strength, endurance, and balance needed for the client's level of everyday function or activity specific goals. Ideally, any physical therapy patient should progress to physical training for optimal health and carryover once their immediate problem is addressed.

I have problems with balance, weakness, and pain.

How do you handle things like that?

Through evaluation and a treatment approach which is holistic for the musculo-skeletal system and targeted to your specific problem as well. For example, if you had recurrent ankle sprain, your acute symptoms would be addressed. I would also make sure that your postural control of your lumbo-pelvic area was satisfactory, and that your hip strength is up to par so that you could have less likelihood of recurrence.

Nothing has really helped me before. Can you help me?

While everyone’s challenges are different, I have multiple approaches which I can utilize to address physical issues due to my years of experience and extensive training. I hope to begin to make a difference, even in some small way, with the education and treatment provided in the initial session.

What should I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing that enables movement or access to affected body areas.

What are your fees?

Physical Therapy:

Call to obtain information regarding charges for professional services.

Personal Training:

Training session, individual or duo (50 min) $50. Discount available on purchases of 6 or more sessions.

When is payment due?

Payment is due prior to or at time of service.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that our clients notify us 24 hours before a scheduled appointment (or by Friday at 9:00am before a Monday appointment) to cancel. Those who do not contact us in this timeframe will be charged a cancellation fee of $50.00.

Do you take insurance?

We do not accept any insurance, and Motion for Health is not a Medicare provider. However, if you have private insurance and engage us for physical therapy services, the services may be covered in part by your out-of-network provisions. We will provide a receipt with relevant billing codes that you may submit to your insurance carrier.

Personal training is not covered under insurance.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

For physical therapy services, a referral from your doctor is required. For physical training, clients with cardiovascular disease or other complex medical history will require clearance by your doctor.

Do you meet clients in person?

Yes. We require all clients wear a mask at all times and wash hands or use hand sanitizer before every session.

What precautions are you taking at the clinic?

All areas of the Wellness Center, including the space occupied by Motion For Health, have been deep cleaned, and that process will be repeated weekly.

All surfaces in the Motion For Health area will be sanitized between clients, and all linens completely changed.

All clients will be required to have a temperature screening and complete a Covid questionnaire prior to each evaluation/treatment session.

Face masks will be worn by each client and therapist according to current city orders.

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