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Physical Therapy

Following significant injury or illness, fitness levels decrease due to much needed rest and healing. Fitness also declines due to simple inactivity. And if every time you try to exercise or return to more normal function you feel debilitating exhaustion, your confidence in retuning to your normal self is eroded.  Propelling oneself back to normal function all alone can be intimidating.  Detailed assessment and creation of a comprehensive program can tremendously help you succeed in re-conditioning, to improve your health and return to your desired level of fitness and function.


Fitness Assessment

Initial assessment is important when beginning a fitness regimen so that activities can be tailored to current levels of strength, flexibility and balance. Programs designed with a well-established baseline are more enjoyable and make maximum progress with less chance of injury or overuse.

Fitness Program Design

Based on an initial assessment, a uniquely tailored and incremental program aimed at specific goals can be developed.  Programs can be implemented as supervised sessions, as home programs with periodic monitoring and upgrades, or as independent home exercise.


Core and Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Core body strength has become a popular catchword in gyms fitness classes, and using elements of Pilates and yoga can contribute to improved core function. Improved core strength can have profound implications for other performance, movement and balance needs.  Like balance problems, pelvic floor weakness and its consequences have been linked to normal aging. However this is not the case, and for both men and women, even after weakness has caused problems, treatment is available that can help regain function and control.

Referral to a pelvic physical therapy specialist will be made when appropriate.


Manual Therapy and Myofascial Release

Technical procedures to enhance mobility in both soft tissues and joint structures can be immensely helpful in progressing toward desired movement patterns, activities or performance goals, and reducing pain. Linda is a gifted practitioner with the extensive training and experience necessary to effectively apply such techniques.

Sports Skills Enhancement

Thorough and skilled evaluation can identify specific areas of weakness/imbalance that prevent optimal performance. Tailored movement and manual orthopedic techniques can help casual and serious athletes alike to more quickly make progress toward performance goals.


Dynamic Kinesiotaping

Dynamic taping of skin overlying specific structures such as muscle or tendon or joints can help improve both movement and stability. This can improve performance, reduce strain following injury, reduce edema or swelling, and improve the balance and coordination of affected muscle groups

Postural Evaluation

Correct posture is key for pain-free and optimal performance. Movement has to have a starting point, and that is your initial posture. If normal postural relationships are altered by a lifetime of sitting, for instance, this will affect your performance on the golf course. A detailed assessment of static (not moving) and dynamic (in motion) postural relationships is part of the starting point for developing a program to achieve your goals. And never fear, because even changes caused by habits over time can be addressed and you can use the ever-changing nature of your body to make improvements. Ergonomic assessment and workplace modifications can be part of such evaluations if requested.


Balance Assessment & Treatment

While many assume decreased balance is an age-related and normal phenomenon, in fact, balance can be improved with a movement program to increase safety and function. Loss of balance in the older adult has been directly linked to muscle weakness. Some loss of strength is age related due to physiologic changes in the muscle tissue. Some loss of strength is preventable with physical training. Skillfully chosen exercises combined with dynamic training can help you be more certain of safely making progress.

Biomechanical Evaluation

Applying in-depth knowledge of structures and function allows Linda to observe a specific activity from a whole body perspective, making isolation of problem areas more clear and easier to remedy. This process results in more lasting and stable return to function.


Fitness for Groups

Whether you want a more structured plan for your walking group with active coaching to monitor form, or a remote group fitness class held on Zoom to stay active with friends and family during the pandemic, Linda can put together a fitness program for your group upon request.

Fitness for Couples

Get into motion with your spouse, your child, or a friend. Following a fitness program can be easier and more fun with a workout buddy! After a Fitness Evaluation for each of you (an individual session is required), Linda will design a program you can do together. It’s a great way to stay motivated and support each other to improve your fitness.



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