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Reduce pain and restore movement from pinched nerves

Nerves are bundles of neural cells that activate muscles and carry information from sensory receptors that let your brain know if there is pain or cold or heat or motion/vibration.  If a nerve (bundle) is trapped by tight soft tissue, or the nerve is being pinched by a joint structure, pain can be immediate and intense. Pain can be localized (at the point of pinching/entrapment) or radiate along the course of the nerve. A common example is sciatica, in which the sciatic nerve is pinched, and pain is experienced down the back of the leg. Linda can call upon years of experience in the techniques of decompression and manual therapy aimed at releasing the trapped nerve. Combined with nerve gliding exercises, which allow that nerve to begin moving more normally along with adjacent structures during normal activities, and programs to prevent recurrence of the entrapment, together you can reach the goal of restoring ease of movement and enhanced function.

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